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time to level up

Jervis Designs is a website and brand design agency...

Our aim is to pull together the essence of your company, communicating your core values and personality to the perfect target audience!

Your brand goes way beyond the basics, it is the first insight into your business - marketing your products, services and even yourself and it all begins with making your ideas a reality. 

Work alongside Jervis Designs to solidify your core strategy , get laser focused on who you are, who you serve and how your brand will be positioned within your industry. 


Oh hey...

Meet the Founder

In 2019 I graduated the University of Derby with a degree in BSc Computer Science, and dived straight into a career within Software Engineering, gradually working my way up to becoming a Senior Development Architect and Team Lead.


During this time the creative in me would come out and I found myself designing and building websites for friends and family, which soon led to me realise I could be that missing piece to providing those smaller businesses an opportunity to thrive, offering bespoke, high quality yet affordable designs.


In 2021 I decided to take the plunge and Jervis Designs was born, still to this day there is no better feeling than supporting other businesses on their journey and since starting back in 2021 we have launched websites in UK, Ireland, Qatar and the USA - something I will forever be grateful for!

If you would like to know more about the journey or Jervis Designs or just want to chat, feel free to message, I'd love to hear from you 


Its time to show your clients who you really are...


A website is the first insight into your business, it markets your products, services and even yourself and it all begins with making your ideas a reality.


Maybe you want to launch a new business or expand an existing one. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world.


Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference and I'm here to help!

  • How long is the process?
    2 - 4 weeks* The process takes up to 4 weeks, this time period is scheduled out for your designs. Not every website requires a 4 week slot, but it is scheduled out in case of any time constraints from either party. If the process goes over the 4 week mark due to responsibilities of yourself, there is a £20 charge per day the process goes over. *If you would like to speed up the process or to start the process at a later date, this can be discussed before going ahead with your website design and we can confirm if viable
  • What is the payment process?
    A non-refundable payment of 50% of the total cost is required before any work can go ahead, followed by the remaining cost after either 2 weeks or before your design is complete; whichever comes for Not included in the cost: + Domain name purchase + Website builder subscription (Shopify, SquareSpace or Wix) + Development after launch - we include a weeks worth of support during the first week of launching. Anything after this period of time is the responsibility of the the organisation hiring the service, the website and anything related is no longer under any responsibility of Jervis Designs - any requests made after the launch date will be charged accordingly. We do not charge a monthly service fee, therefore any requests are charged per request & are subject to the availability of Jervis Designs
  • How do I send my information to you?
    The first stage of the design process is as follows: Every business is different, so I start each project with getting to know as much as I can about your business - this provides a clear understanding into the objectives you aim to achieve with your website! This stage provides us with the information required to confidently produce a website both yourself and your customers will love, on a platform that is suited to your needs! This means within your first week of the process, I will send you an online form to fill in with all the information I need - this form must be sent back to me within the first week. During the final week, we will also schedule a 1 hour call to finalise any configurations that require setup from yourself, with guidance from myself.
  • Will I be able to make changes to my website?
    YES! Of course, this is a primary goal of Jervis Designs. We use specific platforms for developing your website so that they are extremely user friendly and not only will you have the support of myself, but also that of the platform your website is developed on. Jervis Designs also provides a step by step manual on using your website after launch, in addition to 1 weeks free support after launch where you can ask as many questions as required! Any additional features or changes after launch are charged per change, if you do not feel confident to make changes yourself or you can pay on a monthly basis for consistent updates; the choice is yours.

The Investment



+ Full E-Commerce integration with your website

+ Gift card functionality

+ Customer accounts

+ Payment configuration

+ Discount codes

+ Email notifications

+ Subscriptions

 + Inventory tracking

+ Waitlist


Website Design


+ Information based website design

+ Domain name and hosting setup

+ Mobile friendly design

+ Basic SEO

+ 1 hour Q&A training session

+ Free support during the first week of launching

+ Detailed 'how to' manual

+ Launch imagery

+ Website branding guidelines


Booking System


+ Full booking system integration with your website

+ Limit all or some services to existing clients only

+ Take unique deposits for each service

+ Multiple staff members

+ Email notifications

+ Client history

+ Limit late / early bookings

+ Bulk appointments / services (+£50)

+ Waitlist (+£50)


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